Coyote Song/¡Ay! Susanita! A popular SSAATB unaccompanied setting of songs of indigenous Californians combined in a lively arrangement with a Spanish language variant of “Oh Susana.” Suitable for advanced high school choir.

Then I Took A Walk (SSAATB with renaissance wind quartet and percussion) A setting of texts by two turn-of-the-century California literary icons, Ina Coolbrith and John Muir.

Lluvia/El Capotin (SSAATB unaccompanied) Setting of a poem by Oakland poet Lucha Corpi describing a rainy afternoon. This composition also incorporates “El Capotin’” (The Rain Song), a song popular in 19th century Spanish California.

Earth‘s Winter Song (double chorus SAT/SAB) Setting of Robert Duncan’s Vietnam War era Christmas poem layered with fragments of 500 years of Christmas vocal music.

Marina (SSAATB with renaissance wind quartet, accomp. also available as flute, 2 clarinets and bassoon or piano reduction) Setting of a poem by Oakland poet Lucha Corpi, describing four aspects of the controversial 16th century Mexican historical figure.

Going Out Tonight (SSSAAA unaccompanied) Wordless atmospheric opener, suitable for advanced high school choir.

Fire Transforms All Things Into Fire (SATB unaccompanied) Setting of the six words of the title, a quote from the Spanish mystic, St. John of the Cross.