Mojave Highway

Suite for Trombone and Piano

Duration c. 11:00
1. U.S. 395 2. Abandoned Gas Station 3. Lizard 4. Passing Semi 5. Scorpion Sky

"Mojave Highway” is a suite of images depicting moments experienced on a trip by car along U.S. highway 395 through the Mojave desert. The day begins auspiciously. We move smoothly across the open road. Car trouble forces us off the highway near an abandoned gas station. Our only company for hours is a lizard who darts and waits among the rusting auto parts. In the brilliant midday sun, the lizard dances to mariachi music we imagine coming from the remains of an old radio on the gas station counter. An 18 wheeler approaches from a distance and passes, not noticing us. Evening falls and the stars come out. We are alone under the sky.

Recording of 1st movement, “U.S. 395,” Bruce Lazier, trombone